My name is Sergey Tabin and I'm the creator of The Lottery Checkmate System. Originally I am a long time chess player who decided to investigate the lottery and find a way to win it.


The Lottery Checkmate is based on the game of Chess where all you need is a good strategy to beat your opponent.


The Lottery Checkmate works with all type of pick 5, pick 6 and pick 7 lotto and lottery games.


The main idea behind the Lottery Checkmate is to keep it simple. Nobody wants to work with complicated mathematical formulas, digging in statistics or probability.


Since simplicity is bliss, you need no prior knowledge in math, statistics, probability or Chess.


Inside the Lottery Checkmate book you will find an actual proof that the Lottery Checkmate works with actual screenshots.


About Sergey Tabin


I was born on 1974, Married to Natasha and I live in Russia. I have been playing Chess ever since the early years of my life and even played and won some big tournaments in Russia.


Since 2009 I have been struggling to find the way to win the lottery and the Lottery Checkmate is the fruit of my work revealing others the winning strategy to win the lottery.


You can find out more about me inside the Lottery Checkmate.



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